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We are using modern and powerful printing equipment for the production of replica IDs and other souvenir items. With latest technology enabled, these industrial laser printers are producing perfectly replicated identity cards, which are sold online at website. Our professionalism is a pledge for top quality replica ID cards, which stand out in quality and design. These products are available for USA and Europe. Skillful IDs production comes up on intersection of high tech and art of design.

Says Who
These gentlemen are Nikolaj and Kasper. They are Says Who Design. They are both designers, and work commercially together with furniture manufacturers, retailers and brands. Their style is rooted in the great traditions of Scandinavian design, and its love for simplicity, minimalism and functionality. They are part of the movement of New Scandinavian Design. On one hand respecting our design heritage, and on the other hand reinventing it to fit into our present time.

Designing can be a very strange process. Especially when there are two people involved. It can seem like the most chaotic and crazy thing. Conflicting ideas and odd materials everywhere. But the truth is that it’s the freedom, chaos and irrational thoughts that bring inspiration to an otherwise quite technical and precise production. Maybe that’s why the gentlemen enjoy working together so much. They are in fact two sides of the same coin. Chaos and order. Engineering and creativity.

“Says Who?” is a question and a bold statement about challenging our traditions and expectations. It is a question that Says Who and CoreOne like to ask a lot. Our close cooperation since 2012 is a fine example of how 1+1 is much more than 2. And we invite you to take part.