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CoreOne is first and foremost a Danish-owned furniture factory, competitively placed in Vietnam, and supported by a sales office in Denmark. Our success is cultivated by our genuine passion for furniture design, innovation and customer interaction. Our company was founded in 2008, and is anchored in Danish traditions of design, crafts and tradesmanship, bringing Scandinavian designs to our factory in Vietnam and affordable quality furniture onwards to our customers all over the world. When developing products, our focus is to provide solutions that create higher-than-normal turnover per square meter and above-market-margins for our customers. Our daily task is to deliver carefree trade to our customers.

Deliveries are only in full container loads. We manufacture by order, and all our ranges can be mixed. With CoreOne as a creative partner you will receive an excellent service package and commitment in all parts of the cooperation’s processes. We are passionate about what we do. And we genuinely care.

To support our vision of becoming our customers’ most reliable and most committed supplier, and to truly become Best in Class on our customers’ most important parameters, a historic change in CoreOne’s setup was decided in April 2013. We had been a traditional furniture trading organization since our birth in December 2008, but during the second half of 2013, we started transforming our company into being a furniture producer instead.

Response Vietnam Co., Ltd. started production in September 2013 with 25 staff in a small plant of 2,000 sqm, but we ran out of space and had to extend three times in the first 2½ years. In September 2016 we moved the factory to a brand new plant of 18,800 sqm in the Uyen Hung Industrial Zone, situated in the traditional furniture area of Binh Duong. A 2018 expansion brought the entire factory floor to 25,000 sqm. Here we now work much more efficiently with plenty of space for our massive investments in machinery. We currently employ +600 staff, of which around 40 work in the administration of the company. From only taking care of sourcing and quality control in the early years of CoreOne, our Vietnamese operation now handles finance, IT, CSR, HR, import & export, planning, purchasing, R&D, and production.

All components of steel and solid wood, as well as upholstered components, are produced in house, whereas veneered parts and Formica HPL are sourced from sub-suppliers. All sub-suppliers are audited before being allowed to supply us, so that we are sure they live up to our own standards with respect to CSR, and to product quality and consistency of supply. A team of external QCs are constantly monitoring production and checking quality at the sub-suppliers before product is allowed to enter our factory. Final sanding, surface treatment, mounting, final quality inspection, and packing are done in house always. CoreOne does not supply any products that have not been finished and checked in our own factory. Response Vietnam Co., Ltd delivers a total production time of 8-10 weeks, and it offers the opportunity to mix all products in the same container – at an MOQ per sku of 48 for chairs and 30 for all other types of product.

Customers and partners are always welcome to visit our factory, and to get a deeper understanding of how we develop products, manufacture, and how we maintain our strong commitment to both quality and consistency of supply, as well as to safety, environment, and our other CSR values.


Core One ApS and our subsidiary, Response Vietnam Co., Ltd. are companies with integral high standards in respect of orderly conduct and corporate social responsibility. We comply with all rules and regulations in both the countries where we manufacture finished products and components, as well as in the markets we supply to.

All of our employees are conscious of the pronounced responsibility we have for ensuring a production that – on a daily basis – takes employee welfare and social and environmental conditions into careful consideration. Through tests, certifications, and by conducting our own guidance to sub-suppliers, we make sure that only environmentally friendly raw and finished materials are used. And we use 3rd party product testing to ensure that we live up to market regulations with respect to product safety and conformity.


REACH is the European community regulation on chemicals and their safe use (EC 1907/2006). It deals with the evaluation, authorization, and restriction of chemical substances. All of our products, substances, and components are REACH compliant.



For those businesses that place timber and timber based products on the EU market, the legislation requires these businesses to exercise Due Diligence to ensure that only legal timber is brought into the market. We use a framework of procedures and measures in our due diligence system to follow our flow of wooden materials, and our different product supply chain charts describing forest-to-consumer are constantly reviewed and made available to all customers. All of our oak is exclusively American White Oak, and all of our walnut is exclusively American Black Walnut. We use rubberwood and acacia, and both a felled in Vietnam through sustainable forestry.



The Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI) is a leading business-driven initiative supporting retailers, importers and brands to improve working conditions in supplying factories worldwide. Being a BSCI member with our 100% self-owned, compliant factory helps us ensure that all our workers are employed under these good conditions:

  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected
  • There is no forced labor and disciplinary measures
  • No discrimination
  • Child labor is prohibited
  • Legal minimum and industry standard wages are paid
  • Working hours are compliant with national laws and do not exceed 48 hours regular + 12 hours overtime
  • The workplace is safe and healthy
  • The environment is protected
  • There is a policy for social accountability
  • There is an anti-bribery and anti-corruption policy